How to Make a Missing Cat Poster

Lost-Cat-Flyer-Template-REWARDThe key when you are making lost cat posters is to make them weather-proof and very bright so your posters are noticed. On this page we have written out instructions for you to walk you through how to make large, weather durable, and noticeable lost cat posters. Gather your materials and prepare to make at least a dozen posters for your missing cat. Your posters should be posted all over the area, covering a rather large radius. You will need copies of your missing cat flyer (template downloable here), plastic sheet protectors, large bright poster board, thick permanent markers, and packing tape. Four or five inch stencils are optional. Let’s get started!


1. Insert your lost cat flyer into a sheet protector, and center it vertically on your poster board.

2. Apply the packing tape around all four sides, to attach it to the center of your poster board. This step is weather-proofing your lost cat flyer, so be sure to tape carefully over the open side of the sheet protector.

3. Here is where the optional stencils come in. Depending on the size of your poster board, you can either hand write big letters or use four or five inch stencils. Across the top, above your missing cat flyer, write the words “REWARD.” Do not specify a reward amount. This could attract creeps.

4. Across the bottom of your lost cat poster, below your flyer, write the words “MISSING CAT” in bold.

5. Now, go out and put the lost cat posters up in major intersections or major points of interest between your home (or the place your cat disappeared) and about a 7 mile radius.

Lost Cat Poster ExampleAs a final note, it’s important to take your missing cat posters down in a reasonable amount of time. Hopefully your cat will be home soon, and taking the posters down will be a sweet task. However, if your search is an extended one, it will be important to periodically update your lost cat posters with new ones that will signal an active search (even if simply rotating poster colors). Sometimes cities will take down lost cat posters and flyers due to the city’s ordinance – be aware.